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Maserati is known for making high-end luxury cars that people want to drive, and that’s no different with the new Maserati MC20. The new Maserati super sports car is geared to make a wave in Yorba Linda, CA. While we don’t have it yet, the new Maserati MC20 is coming soon to your local Maserati dealer near Anaheim Hills, CA.

Highlights of Maserati MC20
The MC20 is Maserati’s mid-engine sports car that we have been waiting for some time. However, we finally got the latest information about this vehicle heading to our Maserati dealership near Santa Ana, CA. Choose whether to drive a stylish coupe or two-seater convertible, both of which come with a minimalistic cabin.

Maserati uses high-tech innovations, which creates a unique carbon-fiber structure with aluminum subframes to secure the suspension and powertrain. Both of these designs allow

the car to be the lightest possible while creating mind-blowing speeds.

So what powers this super sports car?

It contains a 630-horsepower twin-turbo V6 known as Nettuno. You will find the same twin-combustion setup that is used with Formula 1 race cars. When you combine this potent motor with the eight-speed automatic transmission, you will find a 0-60 mph time that comes in less than three seconds while hitting a top speed going over 200 mph.

It won’t be too long before we also see the electric Mc20 model, complete with all-wheel-drive. While we don’t have the details about this model yet, we are sure it will be everything you hoped for on your daily commute near Irvine, CA.

Test Drive a Maserati
You can order an MC20 today or come by to test drive another Maserati model. When you visit Maserati of Anaheim Hills, you can access the latest models at the best prices. Let’s get you behind the wheel today.


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